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September Blossoming News

 News from Kylie

Hi everyone,

I would first like to welcome all the new families to the centre. I hope that you are all settling in well & I look forward to getting to know you over the next few weeks. With the end of the year drawing closer, it is time to start thinking about 2018. I know it seems like we get organised way too early, but if there's one thing I've learnt in my years of being a Centre Manager - there is never enough time to get everything done! We start confirming our enrolments for a new year in October, so I am just giving you all a heads up to start thinking about what you will be needing in 2018. If your child is due to move up into a new room in 2018, you will not have to re-enroll. All children progress through each room as they turn the next age. So, please don't stress! Please complete the enrolment form for 2018 that will be sent home shortly and return it to the office as soon as you can.This form will also ask for holidays you are taking over the Christmas new year period.

Did you know that we operate a funded 4-year-old kindergarten program? Our pre-school room is run by Brie, our Bachelor qualified kindergarten teacher.So there is no need to send your child anywhere for pre prep as we cater for that and will have your child ready.

Zero Debt Policy

Another reminder about our Zero Debt Policy.If your account is in arrears please ensure you rectify this asap. Please ensure you have your funds available for the day you allocated in your bank account. Thank you to all the families who continually keep their payments up to date.

Contact details:

I am finding that some of your contact details are not up to date and or when I try to reach you then your phone is turned off.Please remember that you need to be contactable when you drop your child at the centre just in case something happens and we need to contact you, especially if it is an emergency.This is extremely important – please leave your mobiles turned ON. If this is not allowable at your workplace, then give us another number to contact.

Sick children....and Parents:

Thank you to all of you who have been vigilant in keeping your children home when they are sick.Please remember that if you are sick it is not a good idea to be coming into the centre as you are passing your germs on to other children and staff.Consider having someone else drop off and pick up the children.If they are not on your pick up or drop off list then you can ring the centre and arrange this and your stand in will just need to bring ID with them.Our staff will assist them in the routine to follow.


Family Portraits: Due to many cancellation, we have had to postpone Family Portrait to October 14th.If you are interested please see staff or Kylie

Father's Day Shop: This was a great success, with nearly every child participating; we hope you enjoyed your pressies which your children purchased and also their other gifts made with loving hands. Thankyou

Centres 10th Birthday is approaching and we have a lot of special ways to celebrate.We have days of where an animal farm is coming, a day of jumping castle and a special party day Friday 6/10/17. We will also be having an art gallery silent auction and a guess the staff member baby photo guesses.We will have a lolly guessing competition too and more.So please once again get behind us and have many guesses and hopefully purchase a beautiful piece of art work.

Upcoming fundraiser is the Shopping warehouse tour for Pre-Christmas shopping. This is on Saturday 18th November. Please see Kylie for further information on this exciting day.


Breakfast will not be served to children after 7.30am.Please do not bring your child in with breakfast after this time.Morning tea is served between 9 and 9.30, so if your child has not wanted to eat before coming to the Centre then some healthy fruit will be served to them at morning tea.

I thought the following article was very relative and informative under the circumstances!

Children's health, mood and behaviour - the important role of breakfast

Breakfast plays an important role in children – both for their health and development as well as for promoting smart, happy kids. The following information comes from Accredited Practising Dieticians' with the 'Start Right - Eat Right' Child Care Nutrition Award Scheme Project in South Australia, and is based on the most current scientific evidence.

Why eat breakfast?

Breakfast makes a big difference to a child's diet, as a good breakfast can supply up to 1/3 of a child's daily nutrient needs. A good breakfast usually includes some food from the 'breads & cereal' group, some food from the 'dairy' group and some fruit.

By including these foods your child is getting:

carbohydrates for energy for learning and playing

protein and calcium for building muscles and bones

fibre for their bowels

vitamins and minerals to stay healthy

Another great reason to eat breakfast is that regular breakfast eaters have been shown to have lower rates of obesity, lower cholesterol levels and a much better sense of general wellbeing.

Eating breakfast, however, is not just for the health of your child's body. Children who eat breakfast learn and perform better and have improved visual, concentration and thinking abilities – and a good overall diet is associated with a higher IQ.

When children skip breakfast, their mental function declines and some studies have even shown increased rates of depression, anxiety and hyperactivity in children who do not eat breakfast. Eating breakfast will very likely improve your child's mood and ability to learn and play well.

Some great ideas for breakfast for kids…

in a bowl:

Breakfast cereal, chopped fruit and milk

Yoghurt with chopped or stewed fruit

Porridge with milk and dried/fresh fruit

Rice porridge with meat or chicken and vegetables

Moisten muesli with milk or juice, leave in fridge overnight and add yoghurt before serving

in a flash:

Tub of fruit yoghurt and a piece of fruit

Toasted fruit bread or muffin with a glass of milk

Rice cakes with peanut butter and banana

Wrap a banana in wholemeal bread or fruit bread

Wheat flake breakfast biscuits with sliced banana

Grilled cheese on wholemeal or multi grain toast, cut into fingers

in a glass:

Fruit smoothies; just blend milk with fresh, tinned or dried fruit. Try bananas or strawberries

Flavoured milk or breakfast drinks

Yoghurt drinks

Fruit lassies; blend yoghurt and fresh fruit or fruit juice such as mango, rockmelon, berries, banana, apricot

Get children involved – have them squeeze orange juice, set the table or pour the milk.

Finally, remember children are great imitators, so always eat breakfast yourself!



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