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April Newsletter

Welcome to the April Newsletter, what a busy start to the year it has been.  With the Easter Bonnet parade last week and Saturday Yoga. I have attached some photos of both and I hope everyone is enjoying the extra activities. We are looking at running more yoga mornings, If you would like to take part in the Yoga sessions please let myself or Chloe know. We are keen to find the time and day that suits you the families best, so let us know. 

Coming Events 

Date Night 

Date night will be on Tuesday 24th April, it will start at 7 pm and run till 10 pm, the next day is a public holiday and the centre will be closed.  If you are interested in booking your child/ children into this please put your name on the sign up sheet in the office, payment is due before the night. All money raised will go back into purchase resources for the rooms. the cost for 1 child $30 2 children $50 and 3 children $60    

10th Birthday Disco 

To celebrate our 10th Birthday at Underwood Early Learning Centre we will be  holding a disco, invitations were placed in the parent pockets. please make sure you fill this in for catering so we have enough food and drinks on the night. Pizza to choose form meat lovers, vegetarian and ham and pineapple. poppers, water and soft drink will be available.  

Welcome to another month of our little babies gaining more confidence with a stronger sense of wellbeing. Watching our children socially interact and play alongside one another, the beginnings of friendships during their time at kindy.

Our Easter bonnets were cute, photos are up in the room for you to view.

We have moved furniture again in our room, this is to assist the older babies with their walking, giving a clearer space to push the walkers and ride bikes inside. Play time has also being spent standing up and shuffling along holding onto shelves.

Miss Faysha will be running the room the week of the 9th as Allison is going on holiday. Faysha is looking forward to having some time back in the Nursery , she has a lovely bond with the children. 

 Hello from the toddler room,

This month in the room we will be continuing learning animals and their sounds. You may have noticed their interest in it has peaked. To help us along the way, we have made some animal flash cards that we can use at group sittings.

We hope soon to start our very own vertical garden outside our room on the fence. Recycling pallets to attach onto the wall, and using Miss Kanako's green thumb to help us grow plants.

If you have any ideas and would like to help out just have a chat with us one day.

Recently the tooth brushes were all replaced with your spare tooth brushes you have brought in. It was super easy swapping them straight over when needed. If you would be able to bring in another tooth brush as a back up spare, we would really appreciate the help. Together we will set your children with healthy dental habits for life.

Thank you from Miss Chloe and Miss Kanako

 Hello, we hope you all had a great and safe Easter Long weekend,

This month we're still working on our body parts, and healthy eating. Please look around the room and have a look at the art work, we have done.

We are going to go over our colours and numbers just for a refresher and keep us up to date with everything.

We have mother day coming up every soon so we need to get a wiggle on and start making your Mother's Day gifts.

We are still toilet training, if you child comes in a nappy can you please put undies on over the top so staff know thatthey are toilet training, and spare clothes, and undies, with their name on them.

Just a reminder please can you make sure that your child, has a hat, sheets, and spare clothes with their name on it.

Thank you

Miss Mel & Miss Kelly

 Welcome back to Pre Kindy News

While Miss Sheree has been on her boat the children have been enjoying their time with Miss Karleigh, we have a interactive area set up for the children which is changing, as per their interest. As you would have seen it was an insect enclosure, but due to not much interest we  have now  changed this to a construction area and will continue to add to this. The children are showing a great interest in their names so we have been and will continue to do different experiences on these, they are showing great capabilities in tracing their names and so we are going to go onto tracing other letters and recognising the letters in their names. This is not a necessity for the children of this age group to learn as they will focus on this in Kindergarten but as they are wanting to learn this and showing interest we will go with this interest. Make sure you bring a hat and spare clothes to Kindy everyday, if you are interested in toilet training your child we would appreciate for you to bring at least 6 pairs of undies and pants in for your child. 

 This month we are looking at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We will be sequencing the story.

In science we are looking at the life cycle of a bean. We will be growing cress and caring out some science activities.

We have also been looking at where milk comes from following on from our farm topic.

In mathematics we have been measuring beanstalks using lego. We have also been size ordering beanstalks.

We have also now got a google home in the room. Each day the children ask it a question. They also choose rest time music from a book of suggestions. Today we asked google to spell our names.

Don't forget library day is 20th of April. If you have not yet handed in your forms please do so as soon as possible. Also the children will need a book bag. They are available from the library for two dollars if you want me to get one for you please drop off two dollars and I will get them on our first day.

Please remember to send sheets and hats named to kindy.

Thank you Miss Andrea and Miss Tracey.

Welcome back to School care News

As the school care children are enjoying their school holidays, could all of the children please bring in or email a photo of something exciting that they did on the holidays. As the children's interest change a bit and they have had two weeks off I will be starting the new term with some experiments as this was there interest last term and talking to them about what they wish to do this term. I have had a few parents enquire about us doing vacation care here within the centre. This will only be able to happen if we can get enough children. If we can get  10 children on a particular day then this will happen which means we may only operate this for a few days. If you are interested in this please fill in this form with your expression of interest by week 3 of the term so we can let parents know if we will be able to provide this or they need to seek alternative arrangements. Our fees for vacation care are $80 per day before your CCB and CCR.  Please let Karleigh what  days you would be interested.



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