April Newsletter

From the Office 

Welcome to the April newsletter. What a month it has been, we had great news last month when we got our final draft of our Assessment and Rating  . We rated  Meeting in all quality areas and i would just like to say a big thank you to all the educators at Underwood for putting in their very best to get this rating.  

Some of you may have been aware I have been spreading my time between Underwood and our centre at Cleveland, this has only been until they find a new centre manager. I will be back in the office at Underwood form 30th April. I appreciate all of your understanding with myself and the educators  during this time . If have any thing that needs my attention you can email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and i will take care of it right away. 

Public Holidays 

​We have a number of public holidays coming up in April, starting with good Friday on 19th April, Easter Monday on 22nd April, then ANZAC day on Thursday 25th April. Also school holidays are starting on 8th April until the the children go back to school on 23rd April 

Easter Bonnet Parade 

Our Easter bonnet parade will be held on Wednesday 17th April  starting at 9 am. All welcome to come along share morning tea with the children and then watch the parade, please RSVP by Monday 15th April for catering 

Educators Holidays 

Over the next few months we will have educators taking holidays. Starting with Miss Natalie for a week starting on the 8th April. Miss Allison is then 15th April. then Miss Chloe will be away from 23rd April. Then Miss Sheree will be away from 26th April. I will place notices on the doors so you will all know that your teacher is away. 

Woolworths Earn & Learn 

Underwood Early Learning Centre will be doing Woolworths Earn & Learn again this year so please let your friends and family know to start collecting for us. This is a great way for the centre to receive free resources.   

 Nursery News

Welcome to everyone who has joined our little nursery this year, already we have seen so many new talents from our group of children.

They are keen to explore the world around them. We have been using our playground a lot, encouraging the babies to explore with their environment. For our walkers and crawlers, this is a great space to encourage movement, build self confidence and balance. We allow the babies to climb on the planks, up the slide and have had a great time in the sandpit. Kicking balls and having a try at catching too.

Inside we have engaged in floor time, reciting nursery rhymes and reading books. Rolling the small bell balls, and adoring our own reflection in the mirror.

Allison will be taking leave over Easter Holidays , Kanako is all set and getting ready for the children's Easter Bonnet Parade, hope you can make it ! 

 Toddler Newsletter

It's almost Easter time already. This year if flying by and our friends here in toddlers have been so busy. We have welcomed a few new friends, had some nursery friends join us and Miss Megha joined our room as our second educator. We have all spent lots of time settling in and bonding with each other. We have been focusing on lots of group experiences to help develop these friendships and self confidence throughout the room. Playing together in a social environment helps us to develop so many skills needed at this age. Our interests at the moment have been animals, so we have extended on this weekly within our program. We have created an animal wall which is full of farm animals, we read Old MacDonald had a farm daily and love using our animal puppets to interact with each other at group times.

Please ensure that your child has spare clothes daily suitable to the weather, bed sheets, a hat and shoes. Our Easter bonnet parade is fast approaching so please remember to save the date and come alone to watch your adorable toddlers present their bonnets to you.

 Hello to all Junior Kindy parents,

Last month we had a great park play date, even though it was a rainy weekend. Thanks to all the parents who were able to make it. If you didn't don't worry we are planning another one for next month.

Recently the children were all very excited about hairdressing, we had our salon set up and a real hairdresser visit.

It's coming to an end soon and we will be changing it up. They have been following the interest of fire trucks. This looks like something we could follow down, already we have been searching some ideas around fire station, trucks and fire fighters. They have come up with some ideas and we are slowing collecting what we need. Also we are looking into a fire truck visit, if you have any ideas you might like to add please let us know.

This month in our Easter bonnet parade on the 17th, over the next few weeks we will be making our hats. Please leave them here until the parade is finished, then your more then welcome to take it home.

Thanks from Miss Chloe and Miss Tracey

Pre Kindy class have been enjoying each other's company. The children have been spending a lot of time investigating our gardens, helping them grow. this extends to discussions constantly of the fruit and vegetables we enjoy eating and how there are so many colours in our food.

Also we are slowly working on our family, friends and myself wall. different ways to display each child, their interest, how they identify themselves, who is in their families, all which allows the opportunity for their children to communicate with each other about what is on our wall, helping build friendships and bond with each other.

I would appreciate if you could please email a family photo, we can add this to our wall. Also if you have any pets, a photo of them would be great as well.

Thank you, Miss Jessie.

Term one of Kindergarten has come to an end and what a great term we have had! Over the past ten weeks the children have explored letter sounds, numbers, living things, mathematical concepts such as sorting and weight, primary colour mixing, families and social skills.

As we enter approach term two, I would like to remind you of a few things.

  • The kindergarten hours are from 8am- 4:30
  • Please ensure your child has a hat everyday
  • Please provide a fitted sheet and a flat sheet and or blanket (as winter is approaching)
  • All food must be placed in the container above the fridge
  • A change of clothes is required incase of any accidents
  • Please write any reminders regarding your child in the communication book
  • Medication forms must be completed if medication is required to be administrated throughout the day
  • Show and tell is based on the letter of the week
  • family photos are required from some children for our family tree

Next term, the kindergarten children will continue learning a focus letter each week.

  • v22-26 April: 'G'
  • v29 April- 3 May: 'O'
  • v6-10 May: 'U'
  • v13-17 May: 'L'
  • v20-24 May: 'F'
  • v27-31 May: 'B'
  • v3-7 June: 'AI'
  • v10-14 June: 'J'
  • v17-21 June: 'OA'
  • v24-28 June: 'LE'

Exciting learning experiences are planned for next term based on the children's interests. Parent and family input is important, therefore if you have any suggestions please feel free to contact me.

The kindergarten children have had a fantastic start to the year, and I look forward to the beginning of next term. If you have any concerns regarding your child, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Natalie Parkin 

 School Age Care News

As we near the end of term 1, I would like to say welcome to our new children Blayne, Mya and Sofia.

We have commenced our pick up and drop off service for St Peters Catholic School now. Please be aware that this means I have to leave to take the children at 8am sharp to ensure this could you please have your children at the centre no later than 7:55am.

Our experiences in the school care program are interest based from the children. Already this year we had explored ramp speeds with cars, this spread over quite a few weeks. We are currently enjoying drawing, role modelling hairdressers and training our soccer skills.

We keep our bags in the lockers in PreKindy, be mindful we are sharing this space with others. Morning & Afternoon Outside play requires a Hat , also on the days we walk to EMPS the children are encouraged to wear their hats.

Wishing all a safe Easter holidays , see you next term.

Miss Karleigh 



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