Class Photos

It's that time of year again for Individual and class photos. Thursday June 2nd starting from 7am. If it is your child's normal booked day, all you need to do is turn up as normal and drop your child off, making sure you log on line before the day and pay for what photos you would like.  If it's not your child's booked day and you want individual photos taken you will need to put your name down on the booking sheet in the office. The class photo time are 

Nursery 9am

Toddlers 9.30am

Junior Kindy 10am 

Pre Kindy 10.30am 

Kindergarten 11.00am 

If you are not sure what room your child is in look on the room door, the name of the rooms are on there. 

Follow the link below or scan the QR code on the posters at the centre or attached on this post for easy payment options