December News

Welcome to the final newsletter of 2018! Wow this year has gone fast. First off I want to thank all out wonderful families for their support and help to make this a tremendous year, none of this would be possible with our you. 

If you are planning on taking holidays over Christmas new year please fill in a holiday form and if you have any holiday leave left I will apply it to your account. 

Room changes will take affect on 29th January 2019, I will post the names of children moving up on the doors in January. 

Congratulation to the Children graduating this year from our Kindergarten room to Prep in 2019. It has been a big year of learning and development for the children, not to mention you the parents. Our graduation ceremony will be held on Thursday 17th January starting at 5.30 pm. 

Christmas Concert 

 The Children's Christmas Concert will be on Friday the 14th December, arrive at 5.30 pm if you can as we will be starting the singing at 6pm sharp. We will be selling Beef and chicken sausages for $2 each, soft drinks and bottled water for $2 each and poppers for $1 each. The raffles will be drawn through out the night. Bring a picnic blanket or chair to sit on all friends and family welcome. we also have glow sticks 

Prizes for the Christmas Raffle

This year we have a boys or Girls  Balance Bike  as first and second prize, a $25 meat voucher from Calamvale Central Meats  , a $25 fruit and Veggie  voucher from Bellas Fruit Market. 3 different baby raffles and assorted other prizes 

Kindergarten Wet day 

 Dear parents and families,

With the temperature rising and the year coming to an end, the kindergarten children have decided that we need a water play day.

When: Thursday 13th December

Time: 9:30 am

Please bring:

  • Swimmers
  • Change of clothes
  • Hat
  • Towel

The children have been observed exploring mathematical and scientific concepts such as measurement, solid, liquids, force and motion. The outside play experience will allow children to openly experiment with the various concepts in a fun and engaging way. Other benefits include:

Math and science skills: Sand and water play introduces scientific concepts such as sinking, floating, and changes of state (e.g., dry to wet). Exploring sand, water, and other sensory materials gives children opportunities to practice measuring and explore other math concepts such as more, less, bigger, smaller, and equal.

Physical development: Children playing with sand and water are practicing eye-hand coordination and using fine motor skills to scoop, sift, funnel, and pour.

Social and emotional skills: The sand and water provide important opportunities for children to practice cooperative play and sharing. It also helps children explore and enjoy the sensory experience of manipulating fluid materials. Digging in sand or splashing water can also reduce the energy level of overexcited children and provide an acceptable way for them to vent anger or frustration.

Please feel free to contact myself or Skye if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your continual support.

Kind regards

Natalie Parkin