February Newsletter

From The Office 

Welcome to our February newsletter and welcome to all of our new families. We are well underway with our centre renovation and so far the children are loving all the digger action. We can't wait for this amazing project to be finished and for the children to be able to enjoy the new playspace. A full map and plans are in the office for families. 

This year we are continuing with our extra curriculum activities for the children. Wednesday is Grasshopper soccer with Wes it is only $7.50 per class, flyers are in the office if you wish to enrol your child.  Thursday is Hay Dee Ho music with Luke and only cost $9.50 per class. 

We also have Swishh Hair attending our centre each month to provide hair cuts for your children. we had the first hair cuts done last week and it is very easy and convenient for parents. Just look at these happy faces. Courtney is the hairdresser and she is qualified and has a blue card and insurance. the next date for hair cuts will be Thursday 5th March, you can pay by cash in the provided envelops or bank deposit all payment options are in the office   

 I feel as we do talk to each parent daily and share information about your children, that in our room it is easier if you would like to email, use Educa to ask any questions or share family information relating to your child.

Our goal for the first months of the year is to build connections with you the parent and each child as an individual.

Helping with the transition's into care, daily drop-offs and your child's ever-changing needs.

With everyone's wellbeing at the forefront of our centre's values.

As the Nursery needs differ each day, week, month, we will chat with you about routines, feeding, teething, share ideas for meals and generally as much as we can to support your child as they grow.

Megha is working alongside Allison this year, also a parent of 2 girls and a wealth of knowledge to share.

**************** Our Housekeeping *****************

Please label ALL of your child's belongings ( we can also do this with a Niko pen)

Fitted Sheets and a top sheet for comfort, Sleeping bags if used at home.

Formula - tins will be placed back in your locker days advance of needing replacing

Medication Folder is on the Locker area, ALL medications MUST have a Pharmacy label, even creams for nappy changes.

We take phone calls during the day, and love when we get comments & likes from our Educa

Collecting already to make EASTER BONNETS , I know this sounds early but it will pop up on us quickly.

This year we are collecting Ice-Cream containers, Margarine/Butter containers

Closer to the Easter bonnet parade we will inform you of the date and time, Grandparents, family friends are welcome to attend too.

Please feel free to sit and chat or call if you ever need to, our door is always open.

Thanks Allison and Megha 

Toddlers news

Another fantastic month of laughter, development and fun in the toddler room. Emily has moved up from the nursery and has fitted in beautifully. Everyone has welcomed her with open arms and have been trying to help her out everyday.

We are still focusing a lot on self help skills and social/emotional development, guiding the toddlers through playing with peers as well as sharing with in group experiences. It's an ongoing learning experience, but I was very happy to watch just this week Toddlers using their words to interact with others and say how they were feeling. It may only be 'stop, no, yes, ouch, my turn or ok' at this stage but it is a positive start.

Thank you to everyone for their tooth brushes. Without your support in supplying these, the toddlers would miss out on this very important part of their daily routine in which they just love. We have started singing a good morning song in this group time and the toddlers love waving to each other as we sing along.

With all the yard work going on the toddlers have been open to new experiences and words while watching the construction going on. They have also displayed lots of curiosity at these noisy diggers and other machines taking over our playground. Feel free to have a little wander with your child around the yard and become involved in their environment, talking to them about what you both can see. It has definitely kept them occupied during the day.

Just some house keeping. Please ensure you check your children's pockets daily. Any art work or notes may come home through these pockets as well as book club. Little things that you might not want to miss out on. I also hope everyone is getting their Educa stories and enjoying seeing what their children are up to daily. They are definitely very busy and working hard at being toddlers while at kindy. Once again can I please remind parents to bring in a spare change of clothes clearly labelled. Just in case we need a change during the day, especially while we are practising drinking from our cups.

Please always feel free to talk to either myself or Miss Mimi about any concerns your may have.

Thanks Miss Sheree and Miss Mimi 

Hello Junior Kindy parents After the parent information evening I printed out an information sheet so parents know what learning is taking place and what to bring/ remember to care each day, please see your parent pockets in the room to get this notice. If you need have any other question please don't hesitate to take to Miss Chloe at any time. 

Thank you from Chloe, Tracey and Kanako 

Pre Kindy Newsletter February

In the Pre Kindy we are trying to set up a family wall so the children can refer to this wall when they are discussing things like who lives in their house and so they can see that everyone is different and it takes many people to make a family.So if you could bring in family photos or send them to Educa that would be greatly appreciate.I would also like to add nationalities to this wall.By this I would like to put the different flags of our countries and some words from home languages if different from English.

Just a reminder of things you need to bring to Kindy are Sheets, Hats, Shoes, Wet bags and spare sets of clothes for any accidents we may have.Bringing in these items makes your child feel organized and prepared for their day without any upsets.

Thank you Miss Skye 

 My first newsletter

For those who don't know me yet, my name is Joann Beggs. The children call me Miss Jo.

I have been teaching for 20 years in school and in the childcare setting. I enjoy getting the children ready for school, so they make the transition smoothly with a sound knowledge base ready for it to expand.

My first couple of weeks have been busy. I have been getting to know your children and building relationships which is the foundation of learning. I am starting to recognise their interests, where they are along the learning profile and their readiness to learn. At the same time, your children are getting to know me. I have high expectations and your children certainly meet these expectations. They are delightful to teach as they have a keen interest in sharing their ideas, knowledge and learning.

The program is child lead with a mix of planned and spontaneous learning. We develop an understanding of the world around us and what it means for your child. We have been busy following interests in Insects and spiders and in Australia and it's marsupials. I focus on early literacy, numeracy, science including environmental and diversity skills.

This is the order I will teach jolly phonics. I will stick to single letters and revise.

I will develop a basic understanding of number recognition, counting, shape, measurement and time.