February Newsletter

I hope everyone had a Happy Chinese New Year? Well the year has started and we are all settling into our new rooms. If you have any concerns with your child please see the room leader or Leanne in the office, we are here to help. 

A friendly reminder to remember to sign your child/ children in and out each day. If you forget Leanne will do it for you and the next time you are in the centre you will be prompted to confirm this on the kiosk tablet. 

If you bring breakfast for your child the cut off time for breakfast is 7.30am, we do not serve after that time. The nursery is different as the babies are following the individual child's routine.  All of the children have morning tea at 9am each day. 

Late afternoon snack, we do not provide this snack. Parents need to provide a small snack labeled with the child's name. It is to be placed in the sealed container on top of the fridge in the child's room kitchen, if we have any fruit or crackers left from the day we will give these to the children to eat. Ideas for snacks crackers, sultanas, fruit. 

Please remember a change of clothes for your child each day. Now the weather is hotter, the children are doing more water play outside. 

Extra Curricular activities will be starting up soon. We have Grasshopper soccer on Wednesdays, if you would like to sign your child up to take part please see flyers in the office. The booking system for this is all done and paid for online. The first class will be complementary, after feedback  if your child enjoys the lesson you can book and pay for this online. The Kindergarten children on Wednesdays receive this as part of the kindy program for free.