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February Newsletter

From the office 

Welcome to my first newsletter back at Underwood. I'm so glad to be back at this amazing centre with all our amazing families. For families that don't know me please feel free to stop in one day and say hi so I can get to know you and your child/children. I'm always available to answer any question you might have, just send me an email, call or drop in. I look forward to catching up with everyone in the coming weeks. 

Parent Information Evening 

We will be holding a parent information night on Tuesday 20th February, starting at 6.15pm. We will start the night with introduction of all educators and centre specific house keeping, then you will branch off to  your child's individual rooms to find out what will be happening in there room this year. we ask that parents leave children with a baby sitter so everyone has an opportunity to hear what is being said.  

Referral Incentive 

Would you like 2 weeks free care?

Dear Families,

We are offering a referral incentive to our current families of two weeks free care to anyone who refers a new family to our centre

The conditions are outlined as follows:

In order for current parents to be eligible for two weeks free care a new family must:

  • 1. Be referred to the centre by a current attending family
  • 2. Be enrolled for at least two days on a weekly basis
  • 3. Be enrolled for a period of at least 6 weeks prior to the fee deduction
  • 4. Have all CCB and CCR current and their account up to date.

Please feel free to come and discuss this with Leanne at the office or simply refer us and let your friends know to tell us you sent them

Extra Curricular Activities 

 Extra Curricular Activities that we have in the centre are 

Tuesday - Yoga will be starting on the 13th February with Naomi 

Wednesday - Soccer with Grasshopper Wes 

Thursday - Hee Dee Ho music with Mr Jason 

Friday - Dance A Long with Miss Cassandra 


Congratulations to Miss Kirston and her husband Kyle, they delivered a baby girl Saturday evening. Isabella weighing 6lbs 9 oz.  

A big welcome and hello from the Nursery. I am excited to be back in a room, having connections with families working towards the same positive outcomes for their little ones. I believe in using child led interactions, using their cues and interests to enhance their development .
Our Nursery children have been showing interest in music and rythm, using small shakers with a range of soft sounds and listening to music. Using our hearing senses exploring our environment and singing each change time .
We also like to us dolls to role play with, sitting them at meal times and give bottles. A simple visual connection between self identity and play 
Little housekeeping for our room & reminders
Fitted cot sheetsreminders for sleeping
Labelled containers, drink cups, bottles. 
Hat for outside play
Meal suggestions and recipes, would parents be interested in sharing their family meal ideas for busy parents? 
We are wanting to reduce the amount of foot access into our room, collecting your younger child first may be a ideal. I will discuss this with my families in more detail. 
I am looking forward to a busy year watching your babies grow
Miss Allison 

Welcome back to the new toddlers of 2018. Firstly, we would like to thank you all for bringing in extra tooth brush/es for us to continue our wonderful dental program in the room. If you haven't already brought one don't worry there is still time, we can always keep you updated on when it needs replacing. This month in the room we will spending a lot of time bonding with the children and getting to know them and YOU much better. A great relationship between us can always help improve our lesson planning and teaching. So don't be afrid to come and have a chat about your weekend or what exciting news you may have coming up. Any small detail can help us towards a better understanding what is going on in your child's WORLD. You may have notice in the room there is large arm chair. This is called the "cuddle chair" and we gladly encourage you to use it. We will be using it for things such as cuddles when reading books or just cuddles when someone is sad. We will teach your children to treat it with respect and would appreciate if you could continue doing the same when you use it. Next to the chair is a basket full of handmade bears, miss Chloe's grandmother has kindly made these for the toddler's sleep time routine. Please remind them this when they try to sneak one out.

Congratulates to all the toddlers and their progressing skills when it come to toileting. Some are well on their way and others confidences clearly grows more everyday with toilet time. We are already proud of their effort!

We can't wait to see how this year plays out with our wonderful class.

Thank you from Miss Chloe and Miss Kanako

Hello and welcome to the Junior Kindy room,

We would like to start by welcoming all your families to your room, we have a new family who has come back to your centre, we would like to welcome Heidi and her family to your room.

We have been buzzy little people the past few months, we have been learning about Animal's the children have been loving having the animals and asking what Animal it is. We had done an animal collage, we sing old McDonald, and, we have had the animal puppets out while sing Old McDonald.

Easter is coming up, so we will be getting ready and starting your Easter hats for your Easter hat pride, so we need to get started on that ASAP

We have been singing lots of songs the song we like to sing the most are the Wheels on the Bus, and Old MacDonald had a farm, the children love singing there's ones and doing the actions to Wheels on the Bus. We have a new song we sing in the morning, the Good Morning song, but for we brush your teeth. We also aske if you could bring in a tooth brush and tooth paste, (we like to eat your tooth brush and they don't last long.)

At the moment we have a few children toilet training and are doing great with it, so if we could please but some spare undies and shorts on their bags that would be great. In case of an accident please ensure you have brought spare clothing.

Also, please make sure that your child has a hat for the day, so we can play outside with your friends

Over the next few months we will be learning more about your body and all the health food we need to keep it going.

Please bring in a family photo for your family Wall. Please make sure that your child is signed in and out daily as if a fire was to happen we would not realise that your child was here as these are the rolls we follow. In case of an accident please ensure you have brought spare clothing. Also, can please make sure you bring in your fruit daily.

If you and any concern about your child please come and see myself or Kelly, or just for a little chat.

Miss Mel, Miss Kelly

& Junior Kindy

Welcome to Pre-Kindy! It has already been such a fun 3 weeks. The children and I are all getting to know each other and learning how to work as a group. The children have adapted to the routine and are such happy little helpers.
In the next month or so I will still be trying to find out more about your children and learning where they are at in their development. So far I have discovered they are all very independent and always willing to help. I am looking forward to get to know you all as well and your families background.

The children have been showing lots of interest in caring for the gardens outside including the worm farm. We have been going out regularly and checking on the worms, feeding them and ensuring their environment is perfect. We have also been watering all our gardens. The children enjoy being able to collect the watering jugs, fill them up and watering the gardens all by themselves.
Whilst inside we are being very creative. I have been collecting recycled goods from around my house like tissue boxes, paper towel rolls, empty bottles and egg cartons. The children have been creatively using their imaginations by turning them into wonderful creations. They have also been showing great interest in drawing. Through this we have beenfocusing on holding our pens correctly in a pincer grip while drawing.

Just a quick little reminder, to please ensure all your children's belongings are labelled. This way we can try to prevent any lost items. I look forward to seeing everyone at the parent information night that is coming up soon to discuss the year ahead.

Thank you

Miss Sheree

We have changed our name instead of preschool we are now the kindergarten room.

We have had a busy few weeks settling into the new routine, setting up Ella and starting to do work in our books and homework.

In literacy our letter for this week is A followed by T next week. We will be finishing our story about the three little pigs. Our next story will be George andthe Dragon. The show and tell days have been arranged please check what day is your child's day.

In numeracy we have been talking about zero and next week we will be talking about the number one.

We were visited by Logan council about their pet smart program. They talked to the children about approaching strange dogs We are also going to have a visit from Stanford swim school about water safety.

We are also going to be learning about Chinese new year. This year it is the year of the dog. We will be and making and eating Chinese food. We will also be doing some art work.

Don't forget if you have questions come and see me

Thank You Miss Andrea and Miss Tracey

  Welcome back to the schoolies. I have implemented activity folders for the Before School Care children to use during the morning family grouping time. I have found this to work efficiently to encourage the children to work their brains in the morning. In these folders are a range of word puzzles and other puzzles as well as colouring and drawing. I am open to ideas for these folders if you are wanting something extra for your child if you find something they might need a little help on. In the afternoon the schoolies have showed a massive interest in slime so i have based their experiences on this interest with incorporating science and learning about the science behind these experiences. Every afternoon we discuss what the children did and didn't like from the afternoon and how they think we can extend on this for example we did a group discussion and experience on the science behind baking soda and vinegar. The children really enjoyed this we found out that you cam actually then use this mixture to paint with of the consistency is right. The other conversation on this was colour mixing and remembering how we made that colour. Thinking about what we are trying to achieve before doing. Ella had the idea of working out the reaction between lemon juice and baking soda so we will explore this concept next week. This giving the children the ability to teach themselves with some guidance. I hope the children enjoy it as much as i do. Please can you bring in a display folder for your children's artwork and photos from during the year. If you have any feedback for me it is greatly appreciated



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