January Newsletter

From the office 

Welcome to 2020, we are super excited with the changes we have coming this year. The main change will be our new playground and centre makeover, the start date has been moved back as they are still finishing off the makeover on our Daisy Hill centre. We are looking at the start date of around the 28th of January. There will be some disruption during this work, but I hope you will all agree a little bit of inconvenience is worth the end result for our children. 

Other changes include Miss Natalie will be leaving us on the 16th January to return to the state school system. We will miss her and wish her well in her new endeavour. We have a replacement teacher Miss Joann she comes to us with many years of experience. We will be holding an information evening early in February so families can meet Miss Joann and she will be able to outline her program for the year ahead. Joann will start on Tuesday 28th January and I hope you will take the time to introduce your self to her  


If your child requires medication while in care you need to have a pharmacy label with your child's name, date of birth and dose on the bottle. 

Asthma Medication - the same applies but you will also need to get an action plan from your doctor medication can not be given without this. 


Breakfast will only be served before 7.30 am, it is getting too busy to manage after this time of the morning. 

Late afternoon tea 

If your child is still at the centre after 5 pm you can bring a late snack for them, the snack needs to be put into the containers that are on top of your child's fridge with their name clearly on the packet examples sultanas, fruit, crackers, 

Toothbrushing Program 

As it is a new year can you please bring in a new toothbrush for your child, if you have recently sent in a new one please disregard this notice.  

 Toddler News!

Welcome back everyone to another great year in the Toddler room. Miss Mimi and I can't wait to get started! Here is a little bit of ground keeping to help you know what to bring daily for your child. -We are still following a dental scheme which requires a toothbrush brought in from home. This way we can continue to brush our teeth daily as part of our routine. The toddlers really enjoy this time of day. We sing, interact, count and brush our teeth together. They are always full of smiles during this group experience.
-Sheets for your child to sleep on. A cot sheet set fits best. We also encourage your child's comforters to be brought in to assist them with having the best sleep they can. Ensure its labelled. As your child grows and no longer requires them or you choose to stop using them at home, we will follow along with this at kindy.
-If you know your child is prone to nappy rash please provide your nappy cream of choice with a chemist label with their name clearly printed on it. We store them in the cupboard for your child's use only.
-Please bring along a hat which you can leave at kindy as we have individual pockets for your child, and we wash them weekly. A spare change of clothes is also recommended as sometimes we have so much fun and get a little messy or wet while playing.

Each child has a locker with their name on it and a parent pocket. We have also set up a parent communication wall above the lockers which has some information about toddlers that may be interesting to read like speech, teething etc or any upcoming events you should know about. Our room routine is also located here so you can see a rough outline of our busy day.

I can't wait to get to know our new families and to continue caring for my current toddlers and their families. Any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me via Educa or see either myself or Miss Mimi on pick up or drop off.

Thanks Miss Sheree and Miss Mimi

Welcome to the new year Junior Kindy families.

I would like to use this newsletter to remind us all, of a few things we need.

Tooth brushes will need replacing, so if you could kindly bring in a new tooth brush for your child. I'll let you know when It needs replacing again next time.

Please remember to check for wet clothes, it should be written on the daily communication book. To find the clothes they will be kept in the wet clothes bucket in the bathroom.

Sheets can be kept at the centre during the week but will need to go home at the end for a wash. Please remember to bring both fitted and top sheet in a bag (can be a pillow case).

If you have any messages you need to pass on in the morning but we are not there yet. Just leave a quick note in our parent communication book on top of the lockers. We will check it daily.

We're excited to see another year with your wonderful children and to find what new and exciting ways to teach them.

Thanks from Miss Chloe and Miss Tracey 

A note from Pre Kindy to all new children moving to the room. Please bring enough spare clothes for your child if toilet training for those sometimes toileting accidents. Same as previous rooms your children will need to bring sheets and a hat everyday.

It would also be great if we could bring in a new toothbrush and start fresh for the year.

I'm looking forward to being in the room with all children that are staying and children that are moving up to have a wonderful year together.

I am alway open to communication so feel free to talk to me, message me on educa or write in the communication book on top of the lockers about any concerns or questions you have.

Thanks Miss Skye