July News Letter

Welcome to our July edition news letter, and welcome to all our new families ! We hope your transition into care is smooth, if there is anything we can do to make your stay with us more enjoyable, please let us know. Remember to like us on Facebook this will help you to keep us to date with centre events. 

Visitors sign in QR codes 

You may have noticed we have a couple of new QR codes for visitors to sign in. 

The QLD Government Covid Sign in is the same sign in you will see at gyms, shopping Centres, cafes etc. It is currently not compulsory in QLD Child Care, but is an option for everyone to sign in, as this will help with contact tracing if needed. Any information collected from this app is not available to you or KAL, we can't see who signs in.

The second  QR Code with the KAL logo , is to replace the paper visitor log, this is for anyone who enters the centre who is not dropping off children or an employee. This is for maintenance, tours, visitors to the centre etc.

Please remember to also sign your child in and out on the tablet each day. Masks are still to be worn at drop of and pick up times as well.