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July News

Welcome families to our July newsletter what a great time of year, the weather is changing and it is also a wonderful time to experience these changes with the children. Just remember to layer clothing and pack extra clothes in case of accidents. 

 We have a couple of staff changes coming up in the next month or so. I only  ever make changes in the rooms during the middle of the year when  it is necessary, I have put a lot of thought into where to place educators so the children benefit the most and try to accommodate families needs, while also adhering to regulations. 

Miss Kirstine in our kitchen has cut back to only working 3 days per week,  she will be taking annual leave on the 21st August and after that she will start maternity leave for 1 year. I'm sure you will all join me in wishing her well during this time. Miss Mimi will be going into the kitchen to replace her.

 Miss Allison is back from her time at out Mt Gravatt centre, she will only be in the room for a week when I will be taking leave. After my week off I will be heading over to our sister centre at Doolandella, I will be filling in as Centre manager for only 12 weeks then returning. 

Miss Brooke is also now on 2 weeks annual leave starting from the 10th July.

Woolworths Earn and Learn 

Wollies earn and learn is back again this year. It starts on July 2nd so start collecting and put them in the box in the foyer 

Dads talk to your babies 

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Dads talk to your babies

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Help service for Families 

 Some important organisation to help families 

Raising Children Network

Family and Child Connect 

Grasshopper Soccer




TERM 32017


$7.50 per class

($67.50 PER TERM)


Grasshopper Soccer is a non-competitive soccer program for children aged 2-5yrs

➢ We play interactive & fun games

➢ Children learn, not only soccer skills, but also, balance, coordination and social interaction skills

➢ Our focus is on having fun, encouraging, and nurturing your children

➢ All Coaches are fully trained and hold a current and valid Qld Working with Children Blue Card and a current First Aid Certificate

To register, please complete the enrolment form

Or for more information call or email

PHONE 1300 767 004 / 0432 629 501

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In the Nursery we are now all on the move with most of us either trying to walk or start crawling we have been encouraging the children to be more independent with walkers and bikes to further their gross motor abilities and muscle movement.We are also trying to encourage the children to hold their own bottle and try and use their own spoons to help with their self help skills.

We would like to ask if you have not brought back your hope and dreams form it would be greatly appreciated so it can help you have further input to the programming of your children's needs and abilities Thank you.

In the last couple of weeks we have been celebrate the traditional owners of the land for Naidoc week with some aboriginal paintings and drawings.

Hello everyone from the toddler room! We have all been very busy lately exploring everything. Everyday we find something new to get excited about and to learn from. We have been having lots of fun with our home corner. We were given some lovely new baby dolls, which all the toddlers have fallen in love with. We have then extended from this by bringing in baby bottles, baby baths, baby clothes, baby nappies and cots for the baby dolls to sleep in. We have all developed a nurturing, caring bond towards our dolls which is also teaching us to be gentle towards one another.

We have been busy over the last week experiencing many different forms of art to help us recognise and participate in Naidoc Week. The toddlers have loved the hands on approach to our art and being able to learn something different that we don't always do. We made some Aboriginal flash cards using some basic Aboriginal symbols and on many occasions it has brought up the opportunity to sit together and discover what our toddlers see in these symbols

Everyone in our room is very much settled and have formed wonderful friendships with each other. We have all been learning from each other too. This has helped out especially with our toilet training toddlers. They are all very happy to go to the toilet together and they are all doing so well. When you feel like your child is ready to start this next step please come and talk to either myself or Miss Kirston. Please ensure all your belongings are labelled, including underwear. With so many children starting to toilet train we need to ensure that everyone gets their correct clothes. Please also bring plenty of spare clothes as accidents can happen during this time.

We have just given out a page for parents to fill out for us to know your hopes and dreams for the year ahead, this is to be apart of our programming for the year, hoping we can intertwine this in to our daily activities and learning, if you can please return these soon it would be really appreciated. From the goals we have received back so far, we are continuing to work on colours, shapes and the recognition of their own names and letters, as well as music and story telling.

Don't forget to check the learning stories provided up on the wall to see photos of your child through out the day and what they have shown interest in.
One of the children large interest now is our Yarning circle, as use to be called group times, by sitting in a circle we can all see each other, participate with the educator as well as friends, listening to music, brushing our teeth, listening to story books as well as attempt to tell their own little stories.

If your child is toilet training, however still needing to come to kindy in a nappy for a safe car trip can you please try and have their undies on still, just on over the nappy, this way they are ready to kick start their day with their toilet training. Please ensure their is 2 or more sets of change of clothes in the children's bags, even jumpers.

We would like to start by welcoming our new children Jazmine and Daniel their family to the room. Olivia and Kingi have moved up from Jnr Kindy.

Throughout the last few months the Kindy Room have been really busy learning what their name's start with and even their last name. We have been doing different activities to help us with spelling our name and even seeing what our names look like. To help with this we have done some tracing of our names, name collage where the children had to find the letter to their name and glue it back together with their last name as well, Miss Mel had been writing on the white board at group time the first letter of their name and seeing who can guess their name.

Over the last couple of months the children have been talking about police, so we would talk about what the police do and if you were lost you can go up to a police officer and they can help you find you parents. Miss Chloe went down to the police station and asked if they could come out for a visit, they were more then happy to come out. The children loved the police car, and the officer showed the Hussain how to turn the siren on.When the children got out to the yard and saw the police car with flashing lights Amelia said, "THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!". Then the next day we turned your home corner in to a police station, we got some dress ups and we had some old computer of the office the children love role playing police offices. One of the other staff members come in with a BIG BOX and said will this do for your jail, the children loved that idea. Then Miss Mel got on goggle and come up with some activities for the children to do, so we did some finger printing of the children, and we also did a wanted poster with Photo booth Props, that children loved doing and keep going back over to the wall and talking about it. Miss Chloe is going to go back down to the police station and to see if the police office will come back out because there were some children who missed out on seeing the police officer. We are going to see if you can get a lady police office to come in this time to show all genders can work in the police force.

We would like to welcome back Miss Allison to your room the children are all excited about Miss Ally coming back but we are all upset that Miss Chloe we not be with us in your room so is going back to her old room, we are going to Miss Miss Chloe.

Please make sure that your child is signed in and out daily as if a fire was to happen we would not realise that your child was here as these are the rolls we follow. Please remember to pack warm clothing and shoes as it gets colder towards the end of the day. In case of an accident please ensure you have brought spare clothing.

We have been busy doing our letters and sounds. Our sound this week is ai as in train. In numeracy we have been counting forwards and backwards. We have also been matching numbers to domino's and dice. Last week we celebrated Naidoc week. We painted using sticks as brushes. We decorated our faces and tried to play the didgeridoo.

The most effective way for children to learn about literacy conventions is through natural and meaningful play where reading and writing has a purpose.we ensure this happens by providing materials and experiences every day for the children to access.Making signs, creating lists and charts together and using posters in learning areas helps children see the relevance of literacy in everyday situations..Group times also provide a more formal way to increase the children's awareness of literacy such as the intentional discussion about the sound of the week.

We are also starting to do simple spelling such as hat, cat, mat with magnetic letters. We are also practising our first and second names. Today we have had fundamental sports. We were practising our cricket skills. Don't forget soccer starts again this week.



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