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July Newsletter

Staff Changes  

This month we welcome back Miss Kirston who will be returning  to work after maternity leave on the 16th July.  

Miss Andrea will be leaving us on the 24th July to further her carer in teaching, we wish her all the success in the future. We are currently looking for a replacement teacher and as soon as I have a replacement teacher I will let everyone know. In the mean time I will put existing educators in place of the teacher. 

From the Office 

 Wow where is the year going?  Welcome to our new families. Well the new CCS system is up and running, and I think most parents will join me in saying that it is a better and fairer system for working families. If any families still have questions in regard to your account, % or hours you receive please call me any time in the office I'm more than happy to help where I can.  

Ekka show day

 Underwood ELC is in Logan so the centre will be closed on  Monday 13th August. Brisbane will have its holiday on Wednesday 15th August. We will not be doing a before / after school care bus run on the Monday even though the schools are open.  

Date Night  

 We are looking at holding another date night in August, let Leanne know if you are keen to attend this and what date what date would suit you. We have a public holiday coming up in August, Monday the 13th August the centre will be closed, and Wednesday the 15th Brisbane will have their public holiday but the centre will be open these days might be good for a date night. 

Welcome to July's news from the Nursery and a special welcome to Paige & Kade who have joined our class.

Winter is here with our days becoming shorter with sunlight and cooler in the mornings, this is a time to remind you to pack in some extra warm clothes and blankets for sleep time.

Some days our room looks a bit messy with toys all over the floor, its my job to be engaging in floor play. Did you know, that you are literally helping your baby's brain grow when you PLAY with them.

  • Ø Get down on the floor with me
  • Ø Enter my world by following my lead
  • Ø Show an interest in what I am interested in
  • Play is an enjoyable way to connect and strengthen the bond between you and your child.
  • We have began our NAIDOC week being respectful to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples', we read the book The Two Wallabies and this week will be drawing & painting the pictures.
  • Our babies enjoyed craft, painting with water colours and feltpen drawing last week as we completed a our mural of Australian Animals.

 Hello toddler parents,

You have all been keeping up with what's going on in the room really well, so instead of repeating it all here.

Here are some songs the toddlers are really loving at the moment if you want to sing some at home too.

Five cheeky monkeys:

Five little monkeys sitting in a tree,
Teasing Mr. Crocodile: "You can't catch me!"
Along comes Mr. Crocodile
As quiet as can be and…SNAP!

Four little monkeys sitting in a tree…
Three little monkeys sitting in a tree…
Two little monkeys sitting in a tree…

One little monkey sitting in a tree,
Teasing Mr. Crocodile: "You can't catch me!"
Along comes Mr. Crocodile
As quiet as can be and….SNAP!

And away swims Mr. Crocodile as full as he can be!

Roly poly:

Roly poly, roly poly, roly poly,
up, up, up (hands up)
Roly poly, roly poly, roly poly,
down, down, down (hands down)
Roly poly, roly poly, roly poly,
clap, clap, clap (clap hands)
Roly poly, roly poly, roly poly,
hands behind your back (hands behind your back)

Thanks from Miss Chloe and Miss Kanako 

 Hello and welcome back to the Junior Kindy News Letter

Throughout the last few months the Junior Kindy Room have been really busy learning about numbers and letters. We have been doing different activities to help such as play dough with cutter and matching letter and numbers cards.

This Month is NAIDOC week, so we will be doing some aboriginal painting's and talking about the aboriginal people, and reading books that they have made, the Children like reading "about the bird got its colours from" and "when the snake bit the sun" and all so we are making some rain makers, so please have a look around the room for our art work.

We have seen outside the Pre Kindy- Super heroes, and some of the Junior Kindy have been asking to be Super Heroes as well, so Miss Mel snuck in the Per Kindy room and borrowed some of their caps and capes so we can be super Heroes too.

Over the next mouth we will be looking at transport, we have a book with all diffident Transport Car. Tracks, Police, Fire trucks, Ambulance, Farm tracks, so we will be having a look at this and see what they do and how they work.

Please make sure that your child is signed in and out daily as if a fire was to happen we would not realise that your child was here as these are the rolls we follow. Please remember to pack warm clothing and shoes as it gets colder towards the end of the day. In case of an accident please ensure you have brought spare clothing. If your child is coming in with a Nappy on and is being toilet trained, PLEASE put undies over the nappy so other staff know they are toilet training.

Miss Mel, Miss Kelly & Junior Kindy

Half way through the year and we are still so very busy. We have welcomed another new friend over the last month and helped settle him in. The children are constantly displaying concern, respect and love towards each other. The older children in the room are always there to help the younger ones if they need help to complete tasks. At this age manners and respect towards peers is such an important skill to be learning. We have been working together in group based experiences to encourage our social skills.

Out in the gardens we have recently picked all of our cauliflowers. To the children's delight they were covered in caterpillars. We have now set up a home for them with in our room. One of the caterpillars has begun cocooning itself, which has been fascinating for the children to watch. This has brought up discussions about what is going to happen next to the caterpillars. We will be looking at the life cycle of a butterfly over the next few weeks and extending from this by doing activities based upon caterpillars and butterfly's while accommodating everyday learning like shapes, counting and our names. We will also be looking into planting a new crop of vegetables outside and of course keeping an eye out for more exciting insects. Keep watch to see what Pre-Kindy will be growing next.

Throughout the year we have been reading 'Welcome to Country' which is a book based on the Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners of our lands. Over the next couple of weeks we will be celebrating NAIDOC week and participating in a variety of experiences that respects and reflects this book.

If you ever want to let me know anything or discuss any concerns don't ever hesitate to email Miss Leanne and she will pass it on to me. It's hard to get to talk to everyone during the week. All the children in my group have been wonderful and I love hearing feedback from you all on what everyone is getting up to at home.

 Thank you for all your well wishes. I have loved working at the centre over the last 3 and a half years. I will miss the children but I know they will all do well at prep next year.

The kindergarten program is split into five parts these are Communicating, Active learning. Wellbeing, Connectedness and Identity. Each area is split into three phases

  • Emerging- in familiar situations with explicit support
  • Exploring- in familiar situations with occasional support or prompting
  • Extending- in new situations with occasional support or prompting

This month we are looking at wellbeing

A kindergarten child who has a strong sense of wellbeing:

• is building a sense of autonomy and wellbeing

• explores ways to show care and concern and interact positively with others

• explores ways to promote own and others' health and safety

• explores ways to promote physical wellbeing.

Related EYLF learning outcome: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.

Thank you, Miss Andrea and Miss Tracey,

 Schoolies news

As you all know we are on holidays at the moment. The children have been only wanting to do slime, so we found a book of different slime experiences, once we come back from school holidays the children will have the opportunity to choose different slime experiences each week that they wish to do from the book and the children will be attempting to do this without my help only supervision to allow the children to extend their reading and follow instructions ability. Miss Karleigh is going on a holiday in July so I will leave all the stuff for slime experiences to do while I am away. I have also been working on different experiments with the children allowing them to firstly predict what is going to happen while we read the experiment out, this allowing the children to firstly do some critical thinking about the experiments and our writing skills improved. We then write about what did happen when we did the experiment to check our data and see if our predictions match the outcome. As you all know we have been working on our pen pal connections. I have sourced other educators through a face book group of educators throughout Australia, the information about the children will be kept to just first names and age for the privacy of our children, I will also proof read all letters before they leave here and before the children receive them to ensure they are kept confidential this will continue as long as the children wish, I will not force them to write if they don't wish to. We are excitedly awaiting our replies from our pen pals. I have photocopied all the letters and they are displayed on the window across from the kitchen for you to read if you have an concerns about this please feel free to talk to me about this so we can rectify it.

Thanks Miss Karleigh 



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