July Newsletter

From the Office 

Welcome to all our wonderful families to our monthly newsletter. 

I would like to thank the families that have sent in their Earn and Learn sticker sheets, we have now sent them off to be counted and will be able to purchase new resources soon for the coming year 2020. 

Extra curriculum show 

On Thursday 11th July we have invited the African Beat drumming team to teach us some rhythm, drumming, dancing  and to share some of their culture with us all. the show starts at 10 am and i would like to invite all families to come along and join in, it will be a lot of fun. 


Parent teacher interviews for the kindergarten children will be held on the week of 22nd July till the 26th July. please put your name down on the time table in a slot that suites you to have a 15 min interview with Miss Natalie. 

Pre Kindy & Kindergarten Excursion 

The children had an interesting time at the park excursion. They collected collage materials, did a nature hunt and played on the playground. It was so nice to see the bigger children so caring towards the younger children and helping them, such considerate  and caring children.  

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 Toddler July News!

Our nursery friends have officially transitioned nicely into our room, adapting themselves to our routine really well. At the moment we are still focusing alot on our sesnsory experiecnes. The toddlers are very curious and wanting to touch and explore everything. We have made a few sensory bags containing a number of different contents which allow the toddlers to explore something new each time. We have tried paint, confetti, slime, glitter and water colours. This week we have also begun trying different scents in our play dough.

The toddlers are all becoming very vocal, starting to put 2-3 words together. They are so clever. One of our favourite things to do is watch the birds outside our glass door during the day. They are so fun to watch. This simple experience encourages the toddlers to look, observe them and ask questions.

Some home keeping: please ensure all of your childrens items are labelled to prevent anything from being lost and to continue on with our tooth brushing daily can i also please ask for a new tooth brush for your child.

Sheree and Megha

Hello to Junior kindy parents,

This month we have explored the home corner being more of a café. The children are very interested in cooking and what ingredients go into each meal. Along with that they have been making tea and coffee too.

  • vFollowing this interest, we will be doing a few activities. Already we had tried tea and found we like a warm green tea. Next we will be doing a hands-on science with instant coffee and tea leafs. This will be where they can experiment with the water (room temp) making their own teas and coffees. Finding the different textures and colours it can make, all while working on our fine motor skills with the strainers and scooping.
  • If you are able to help by, bringing in any old tea or coffee you are going to throw out. Or even tea strainers you no longer use.
  • Our next activity we are planning, is cooking! Miss Mimi has helped with giving us our lunches for us to put together (like our homemade burgers). Now we want to try some other things too. If there is something you make at home with your child, let us know it would be a great experience to try with the class. Please keep in mind not to many ingredients and steps. Due to sometimes one educator in the room for the day.
  • vOne more note if you haven't already brought in a new tooth brush and spare. Please remember to bring one in the next two weeks. It is coming time to replace all tooth brushes again.
  • vDon't forget your able to send messages through Educa during the day straight to us if you forget to let us know anything

Thanks, from Miss Chloe.

 So many children have had a large interest in drawing, when they've seen me write children's names they are asking what the letters are as well as who's name it is, from this we have began learning to write letters and also numbers. The children have been excited when this activity is placed out each time. Learning all this is a long process and really comes down to the children's interest, they are not having to sit their and participate in any of these if not wanting to, it is also not a high expectation at this age to have the skill for writing. However as the class have shown interest the learning options are there for them in the class room. We are continuing to work on shapes, in few different ways, from blocks magnets. All in forms of shapes, asking the children to create me a picture with the shapes.

Big occasions lately with the children have been the Teddy Bear Picnic and the excursion to the park participating in the Nature Hunt. The class are excited each time we hold a little event, having a change in the way we are learning and they are just having fun along the way.

Please remember a warm blanket that fits their body for rest time, a spare jumper

Jessie Wooler

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