June Newsletter

 Welcome to our June newsletter. As the weather gets colder please remember to layer your children in warm clothes, during the day the rooms are heated and they take off their jumpers. Please remember to also bring extra clothes in your child's bag each day as accidents do happen in the colder weather, we sometimes need extra socks and  long sleeve shirts and jumpers can get wet when washing hands. 

Signing In and Out

If you have forgotten to sign your child/children in and out each day please remember when you next sign in you will be asked to confirm the days that they were not signed in. Each day I check the sign in kiosk and mark the children that are not marked  in or are absent, you will then need to confirm this mark. Once you have done that you will be able to continue on and mark your child for the day. Some families have not been doing this each day and you might have a few to confirm, this is a legal document and a safety issue that  must be done each day. 

Thank you to the families that have kept their sick children at home, now more than ever we need to keep doing this as winter arrives and we see an increase of colds and sickness. 

I would like to thank our Educators for the work they have been doing during COVI-19, They have turned up to work every day and kept a smile on their faces and delivered a stimulating program to the children while keeping the children's lives as normal as possible  at Underwood ELC. 

Extra Curriculum   

Our incursions have or about to start back up again including, 

Yoga for the Kindergarten class has commenced on Tuesdays at 2pm. This class is free to all of the kindergarten children that attend on Tuesdays. 

Grasshopper Soccer will start again in term 3, on Wednesday 15th July if you would like your child to attend the classes you will need to fill in a registration  form  and send to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. it cost $7.50 per class. 

Hey Dee Ho Music has started with Mr Luke every Thursday, these classes are available to all aged children and only cost $9.50 per class

Book Club 

Book Club orders are due on Friday 12th June 

Class Photo's

Class photos will be on Tuesday 14th July, notices will go our 3 weeks before the day.