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June Newsletter

From the office 

Welcome to another centre newsletter and welcome to our new families, I cant believe its June already. 

Currently we are selling beanies and gloves towards our fundraising, one of our wonderful grandmothers has made these for us. They are only $5 each with many colours and designs to choose from. perfect for this cold weather. 

Speaking of cold weather please make sure you dress your child in layers, so as the day warms up we can take items off also in the afternoon we can add more layers.

Centre Philosophy

It is that time of year where we need to review our centre philosophy, and we need your help! A copy has also been placed above the sign in tablets as well as here. the one on the wall has some very pretty pictures to go with it. I would like to thank the families that have let me use their photos for this display im sure you will agree they look amazing. So if you would like to have your say or change anything in regard to this document please drop me a line via email or the communication book. 

Centre Philosophy

Here at Underwood Early Learning Centre we believe Early education is fundamental for future learning, and we aim to deliver quality care to our families.

The heart of our learning program is built on the principles of The Early Years Learning Framework: Belonging, Being and Becoming


We welcome people from all dominations to join us on this journey, to share their believes and cultural uniqueness.

The Child

We offer a safe and supportive environment where children are valued and encouraged to develop to their full potential. We will do this through providing an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, nurturing and enjoyable with plenty of play and laughter.

Interactions with children will be positive, constructive and always encouraging. Team members will role model the behaviors that we are teaching the children.

Will provide children with a regular routine where they will be given adequate time for meals and rest and will provide experiences which will give each child the opportunity to explore music and movement, language, science and art.

All children will have an equal opportunity to learn and will be respected and not discriminated against no matter what gender, age, ability, economic status, family structure, ethnicity, lifestyle, religion, culture or language

Role of Family

  • Families are children's first and most influential teachers therefore learning outcomes are best achieved when educators, families and children collaborate and experiences are relevant to children in their local context.
  • We respect the diversity of families and communities to foster children's motivation to learn and to reinforce children's sense of selves as competent learners.

The Environment

To provide a total learning environment where children are free to observe, question, experiment and explore. Our programs will be led by the children's interests with opportunities for children to interact with nature and the world around them.

Healthy choices

We believe it is essential to provide a variety of good food and nutrition to help the children grow, develop, learn and establish lifelong healthy eating habits. We aim to help families to extend this into their daily life as well. We provide opportunities for children to learn new ways to move and be physically active each day.

To be reviewed by May 2018


Centre Representative:

Head Office Representative:

References Australian government Dep of Education

Commonwealth of Australia EYLF

United Nations Rights of Children

Teddy Bears Picnic 

​The centre will be holding a Teddy Bears picnic on Thursday 15th June. This coincides with Hey Hee Ho Music lessons. We will have some spare bears if you forget 

Staff Changes 

As some of you may already know Miss Allison will be back in the Kindy room on the 10th July, we are all very glad she is coming back to us. So the Kindy room will be back to Miss Allison and Miss Melissa. Miss Kirstine in the Kitchen will be cutting back on the days she works to fit in doctors appointments with her baby due in September. On the days she is not here Miss Mimi will step into the kitchen to replace her. This will give Mimi the time to adjust to her new role as cook while Kirstine is still here to help her. Eventually miss Chloe will replace Mimi in the Nursery. 

Individual and Class Photos

Photo day ran very smooth and I thank you all for your help with this, it can be a very stressful day for educators children and parents but I think we well and truly have the hang of it now. the photos will be back the beginning of July. I will post on the KAL site and Facebook when they arrive so you can all come and collect yours. If you missed out on ordering you can still order your will just need to go to the web site and follow the links to order. Also Andrew the photographer informed me he can print photos from previous years, I was quite surprised by this and I m amazed at how technology can be so helpful.

Follow us on Facebook 

 Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with what's going on and so you don't miss a reminder

Tooth Brushing 

Thank you to the families that have sent in your child's tooth brush so far. We still need the children that don't have one to bring it in soon or they will not be able to brush with all the other children when their current brush is no longer doing the job. you can give them to your child's teachers.

Kindergarten Funding 

For the families in the preschool room that receive kindergarten funding, School Holidays will commence on the 26 June for 2 weeks, during this time your fees will revert back to your normal CCB amount. If you are not sure what your payments will be please do call me or email I'm more than happy to help you out and explain it. 

Schoolies News 

Afterschool care have been busy learning about many interesting things that they have chosen to learn about.I have continued to allow the school care children to make their own program and pick what they want to do and learn. This is becoming a great success for the children they have really enjoyed learning about things to suit the children's interest. We started the month of learning about earth worms and compost. Were we learnt about how to make a farm and how to feed the worms and how to look after them. We also learnt how to make a compost and what it is used for and what we can and can't put into compost. After learning about compost, we moved on to learning about what happens in our solar system, about the sun, the moons, stars, comets, and our planets. We learnt that we never want to live on Uranus as it is very cold there and that we never want to live in Venus as it was too hot. We even made a diorama of what we thought the solar system look like and did researching and reading about the solar system, which we really enjoyed doing it.

We have also done a bit of cooking this month pancakes, biscuits and cupcakes. During our time cooking we learn about the hygiene of cooking and why it's so important when cooking. We also talked about the safety in the kitchen and how something in the kitchen we shouldn't touch without an adult help.

Throughout the month we also gave UNO, connect four, elastics, handball, fidget spinners ago. For the next few weeks until school holidays we will be focusing on dinosaurs,



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