May Newsletter

Welcome families to our May newsletter. We cant believe how fast the year is going, it will be winter before we know it. As winter approaches we remind families that if your child is sick please keep them home so we can all stay well. 

Covid update - as we are seeing more people contacting covid it is important to keep up to date with the new updates. You now don't have to isolate if someone close to you contact covid. In the child care setting this can mean you might have covid, but you child can still attend care as long as another adult that is covid negative can drop off and pick up. Your child will need to be free of symptoms and get tested every second day at 0, 2, 4 and 6th day. 

Room Availability 

We have some children moving up to the older rooms at the end of this month, if you are thinking of adding an extra day for your child now is the time to book it in as we have some space in each room.  

Class and Individual Photo day 

Class and individual photo is coming up on Thursday 2nd June. You will need to click on the link below to order and pay for your photos on line, It is a quick and easy procedure.

If this day is not your child's normal booked day and you want photos done, you wont miss out. Just bring your child in around the time of their class photo and drop them off like normal, the teachers will take them out for their photo. You will also need to book a time for individual photos by putting your name on the booking sheet in the office. 

Class photo times 

Nursery - 9.00 am 

Toddlers - 9.30 am 

Junior Kindy - 10 am 

Pre Kindy - 10.30 am 

Kindergarten - 11 am If you don't know what room your child is in look on the class room door.