October Newsletter

Hello and welcome to all of our families. We have had a few change over the last month with Miss Mel going on her maternity leave early due to health reasons. The Toddlers and Junior Kindy rooms have joined together to make the Tweenies  room, they use the Junior kindy room for all of the noisy and  boisterous activities each day and the Toddlers room is a more calm room for sleeping, reading and just relaxing. with 3 teachers in the room, most days the children will be able to choose to go between either room and the outside environment. We are keen to hear your feed back on how this is working for you so let us know. Miss Chloe will be the Lead Educator with Miss Kanako assisting her, Miss Kelly has resigned as of the 3/10/18 . We have decided to get Miss Tracey to be the 3rd educator in the room as this will provide consistency with the children.  

Our gardens are growing every well and I hope you have noticed we are adding more plants to the outside play area, if you have any large pots or plants that are not  poisonous that you no longer want we would be happy to take over the care of them for you. I believe the children learn valuable life skills from gardening,  it  helps  little ones develop new skills and expand their knowledge about the science of growing. It teaches Responsibility, Creativity, Discovery and Health and fitness to name a few things 

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 Hello new Tweenies parents,

As of the 8th October we will joined rooms, here are a few things I would like you to know prior to the move.

The Junior Kindy room will be our main room during the day, meaning our meals and group times will all be happening in that room. The toddler room will be used as our quite room, for activities that more calm and quite and also sleep time. All sheets will be kept in the sheet's basket in there as well.

From Monday on you will find your child's locker tags and pockets all in our main room, please find your locker and place the bag in there. There will be children sharing lockers, so please do remember to take your bag home at the end of the day.

Please remember to label ALL your child's belongings. Containers, clothes, sheets, bags, shoes and socks. We are teaching the children to take more responsibility for their own belongings, but that will take time so names on their items will help us to help them. If you don't already have a sheet bag for your child's sheets, could you please provide us with one, an old pillow case works great!

If you have any messages to pass on to us in the morning, please write them down in the communication book. Even if you have already spoken to one of us, still write it down our day can get busy and chats can slip our mind from time to time.

As more things come up we will keep you updated on any changes, either through the daily reflection on the wall, a note or email home or through our newsletter.

We are all so excited to take on this adventure together and can't wait to see what new learning will happen.

Thank you from Miss Chloe the Tweenies lead educator 

Hello from the Pre-Kindy room.

As the weather is warming up we are going to be enjoying the outdoors and have a lot more water play. We have been experimenting with things that sink and float in the last few weeks. We have attempted to make boats using various recycled items from our treasure box and other loose items we have found around our Kindy yard. All of our Pre-Kindy friends love the challenge and science connected with this experience. We laugh when objects sink, we encourage each other when our plans don't work and we help each other extend, then explore further when we are stuck for ideas. The children have all formed wonderful friendships this year. So can you please ensure that you are packing spare clothes that are named for your children appropriate for the weather just in case we do get wet during these activities.

Show and Tell has been going really well. Over the past 4 weeks we have all been taking turns at bringing in something special from home to share with our friends. Our confidence and language has been growing leaps and bounds since we started. It is such a wonderful opportunity to engaged and encourage this positive time together.

Thank you so much to all the parents who keep bringing in exciting new or old resources for us to explore. It helps us to be able to participate in these exciting experiences together.

A lot of the children are not bringing in their sheets at the moment. Please ensure your child has sheets for everyday they attend. Children who are requiring less sleep are given quiet activities to complete until their peers wake up. I am always free if you ever want to chat about how your child is going or if you have any thought's or concerns. They are a wonderful group of children I have in my room.

Graduation Photos  

 The Kindergarten room will be having Graduation photos taken on Friday the 2nd November. It would be nice to have all of the children from the Kindergarten room's photo taken, even if you are not intending to purchase a photo your self. If it is not your child's day  to attend care you are still welcome to arrive at the centre by 9 am. If you would like to purchase a photo set please book a time slot we have from 9 am til 9.30 am 

Book Club 

 Book Club is out this week in your child's parent pocket please take a look at it, they have some cheap books that make great Christmas gifts, The best part the centre reps the rewards with free books. orders are due back on the 26/10/18

Christmas photos 

Christmas photos will be taken on Friday the 2 nd November. If you would like photos of or child/children please hand the payment envelop back in at the office. If your child is not booked into care on that day and you would like photos taken you will need to talk to Leanne and book a time on our booking sheet. times start from 7.30 am till 10 am