September Newsletter

From the Office

 Welcome to our Spring newsletter and welcome to our families. I cant believe it is September already, where has this year gone. I think all of the class rooms are looking great at this time of year and we are ready for the warmer weather so we can do even more activities outside. 

The Kindergarten have planned an excursion to Woolworth's at Kuraby on Thursday the 27th September, and we are in need of parent helpers for the morning if you can come along and help out Miss Natalie and Miss Skye that would be appreciated.  We are booked in for the 10 am tour and it only takes  1 hour,  we need to leave the centre at 9.30 am. Excursion permission forms will be sent home soon please let your teacher know if your child will be attending. 

So far we have had a busy year and we are already looking towards the end of year. Parent teacher interviews will be held in October, the Christmas concert will be on Friday  7th December starting a 6 pm. but before all of that I'm looking at holding a parent night to see ways in which families can help us to add layers to our playground, your junk may be our treasure. if your interested in attending please let me know times and days that suit your family?

 We welcomed in Spring with some colourful drawing, scented playdough and our footprints for Fathers Day.

Our Nursery babies are growing quickly , with many reaching new Milestones every week. It may be small accomplishments like holding their own bottle, too Traditional crawling on all fours. I get excited when they extend their own abilities, building their own confidence with moving and recognising individual achievements.

Our children have been singing rhymes Twinkle Star and Row your Boat doing the actions, and 5 Little Ducks while holding the little toys. These interactions create purpose for beginning of language and responding to what we see and hear.

We would like to Welcome Chase to our room, and wish Paige a farewell xx 

 Dear toddler parents

This month in the toddler room they have been really interested in looking after babies. For that we have had a shelf with just baby things and babies set up all month.

They have been making lots of phones out of all their toys. To help with that we have added some old phones to the room. This has helped open up a lot more conversations not only between educator and child, but between friends. Our vocabulary had evolved so much and so fast in such a short amount of time.

We would like to ask if you could please bring in another spare tooth brush. To replace their tooth brushes that are currently in use and being chewed down quite fast.

If you have noticed your child sings or dancing to a song you haven't heard of yet. It would be the ten little toddlers song we have been learning.

Here are the lyrics if you would like to sing along at home.

One little two little three little, toddlers

Four little five little six little, toddlers

Seven little eight little nine little, toddlers

TEN LITTLE TODDLER, BOYS AND GIRLS! (counting with fingers)

They jumped in the boat, and the boat tipped over (jump and lean to side)


TEN LITTLE TODDLER, BOYS AND GIRLS! (counting on fingers)

They swam and they swam and they swam to shore (swimming arms)


TEN LITTLE TODDLER, BOYS AND GIRLS! (counting on fingers)

They ran and they ran and they ran to their mums (running on the spot)


TEN LITTLE TODDLER, BOYS AND GIRLS! (counting on fingers)

She hugged them and she kissed them and put them to bed (hug self, blow kiss and sleep)


Hello and welcome back to the Junior Kindy News Letter

We would like to Welcome to your room, Ebony, Sonny, Winston, & Alexander, they have just moved up from the Toddler room.

Throughout the last few months the Junior Kindy Room have been busy learning about looking at transport, we have a book with all diffident Transport Car. Tracks, Police, Fire trucks, Ambulance, Farm tracks, and, we have been looking at YouTube, at Car. Tracks, Police, Fire trucks, Ambulance, Farm tracks, and what they do to help us.

This mouth we are talking about animals and their babies, E.G a cat has a baby is called a Kitten, a Dog as a baby is a puppy. So, we have been talking about this, and looking it up on YouTube, and having a look at all diffident tieds of Animals, Miss Mel has got some book for us to look and talk about all the diffident animals.

We have changed your home corner in to a shop, the children have loved playing in the shop, with having the shop it helps the children with Dramatic play teaches and encourages expressive language. Children are motivated to communicate their wishes to their peers and therefore must learn to speak from the perspective of their pretend roles. Dramatic play is often a very comfortable place for children who are shy or withdrawn to participate in a group.

Please make sure that your child is signed in and out daily as if a fire was to happen we would not realise that your child was here as these are the rolls we follow. Please remember to pack warm clothing and shoes as it gets colder towards the end of the day. In case of an accident please ensure you have brought spare clothing. If your child is coming in with a Nappy on and is toilet training, PLEASE put undies over the nappy so other staff know they are toilet training.

Miss Mel, Miss Kelly & Junior Kindy

 Hello, from the Pre-Kindy room.

Together in the Pre-Kindy room we have all been so busy, this year seems to be flying past so fast. We have had so many birthdays recently, as well as welcoming new friends to our room and transitioning children from the Junior Kindy room. We have all been helping them to adapt to the changes in routine and the differences that come with moving up into an older room or starting at a new centre. They have all done so well settling in. The older childrenof the room are such wonderful role models for the younger children coming in. They help, guide, respect and care for their new friends daily. We are all working and playing together in a happy, fun environment where everyone shares and interacts positively. This is something we are always working on and encouraging everyone to do everyday. We are all belonging, becoming and being independent in our own development.

The children have been focusing and asking to write their names a lot at the moment. We always have our names printed on a template, so the children can access them and practise their names whenever they would like. A few children have started writing their names without the aid of these. We will continue doing this for the rest of the year. They are all doing so well.
We have started doing a show and tell experience 3 days a week. Wednesday through to Friday children have allocated days where they can come and share something special with their friends. It can be anything special to them whether it is a toy, book, memory, photo or experience. This activity will help your child's social/emotional development and their communication skills as well as assisting them to develop a strong and confident self identity. We have had a couple of children have a turn already and they have done wonderfully. Please ensure all your child's items are labelled clearly.

We are still caring for our worm farm and gardens daily. The children are still enjoying this experience. Our zucchini, celery and squash plants are growing so fast. The children would love to show you the gardens at anytime.

See you all again soon.

Miss Sheree

 Exciting changes have been happening in the Kindergarten room! Two new teachers, Miss Skye and Miss Natalie are very grateful to be working with the kindergarten children. Please know that you are welcome to voice any concerns or suggestions, as, your input is valuable. Working in partnership with children, families and educators is a fundamental aspect of quality education.

Over the next few weeks, Miss Skye and Miss Natalie will be undertaking a basic skills test with your child. The test will be informing our practice and individual learning goals for each child. The test consists of questions regarding letter names, letter sounds, colours, shapes and numbers. The test is not about classifying your child in a way, it will be used to support our teaching and practice.

The kindergarten children will be learning a new letter every two weeks. The reasoning behind learning a letter for two weeks is so that they can gain a sound understanding of the letter name, letter sound, writing formation of the letter and words with the beginning sound of the letter. We have already begun with the letter 'M' and are currently talking about the letter 'S'.

Show and tell will begin on Monday 17th September. Show and tell is required to be based on the letter of the week. For example, if the letter of the week is 'S' then your child may choose to bring in a photograph of their recent holiday where they are swimming in the sea. A timetable for show and tell will be available in the Kindergarten room. If you have any queries regarding this, please see Miss Skye or Miss Natalie. The dates and letters are as follows:

3-14th September: 'S'

17-28th September: 'T'

1-12th October: 'A'

15-26th October: 'I'

29th October- 9th November: 'P'

12-23rd November: 'N'

As apart of our learning experience, the Kindergarten children have been exploring the concept of "Living things". We have planted seedlings, maintained our vegetable garden, welcomed our four new fish and created greenhouses. In addition to this we have a dramatic play area of a flower shop. If you have anything that you feel would be beneficial to our flower shop, we would love the assistance.

The Kindergarten children will be going on an excursion to Woolworths on Thursday the 27th of September. The excursion provides various learning experiences and supports our learning journey regarding "Living things". A permission form will be sent home and will be need to be returned prior to the excursion date.

Miss Skye and Miss Natalie thank you for your support and look forward to the exciting learning journey ahead. 

Schoolies News

We are moving through our year very quickly it will be Christmas before we know it. We have some more school holidays fast approaching but before these we will be doing some great experiences. Miss Karleigh has gotten some herbs for us to look after during our time at after school care. This teaching us about living things and how all living things need food and water. We are still working on our pen pal letter due to everything being a bit crazy with the last school holidays and Miss Karleigh being on holidays as well as father's day this hasn't been our priority but now that everything has calmed down this will be our priority, the children are very excited to receive their letters and write back to them. I am focusing on this being a positive experience for the children so for the children that aren't so into writing I will be helping out with this but they will be telling me what to write, I would like to have them all writing although having the communication with our pen pals is the more important thing and we will work out the writing when the children are more confident in this. This experience is a great opportunity to explore what others are doing in our country as not everyone lives the same. So providing them with this communication about different parts of our country. Being able to communicate is a very important skill for the children to develop as well as being able to respond to questions and asking questions really helps with their literacy skills. One of the centres as asked to set up a skype session, if you do not wish for this to happen with your child/ren please feel free to speak to Miss Karleigh. All letters are photo copied and displayed in our hall way underneath our program if you wish to read the letters your child is sending and receiving.