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Welcome to our June Newsletter

This month in the toddler room they have been following their interests. Such as music and balls with tunnels, these have been followed through out the month and continuing.

The music area have been a favourite with all the children, adding in small guitars and even a child sized piano. We hope to keep going with this for as long as they interested.

You may have noticed the sensory box has changed to balls, since a Wednesday afternoon the toddlers watched and joined in soccer class with soccer Wes. They have been crazy for all balls and what they can do with them. We have brought in some plastic pipes for them to roll the balls through. They been getting so creative with how to use the pipes and balls.

Another reminder to please bring in a spare tooth brush for your child. If it is more convenient for you to bring in $2 and I will go and get one, I know it can be hard getting time with a toddler. I'm here to support you and your child as much as I can.

If you have any questions or want to have a chat, feel free to talk to me or Miss Kanako.

Thanks from Miss Chloe and Miss Kanako 

Hello and welcome back to the Junior Kindy room news,

We would like to make a BIG welcome to your new family's that have joined us in the Junior Kindy room, and to the children who have moved up from the Toddlers as well.

The last past mouth we have been learning about heathy eating and your body, this includes food collage, talking about heathy eating, body collage, body and food matching game, the children are getting good at matching the body parts to each other.

The next couple of mouths we will be recognizing our name's, and going over our numbers as well, we are doing a lot of art and craft so please take the time and have a look at our painting,

The Girls are getting in to doing each others hair, so in home corner we have made it in to a Hair dressers, so they can do each other's hair, (at the end of each day the hair brushes and combs with be put into disinfectant and  ready for the next day)

If your child is toilet training can you please put undies over the top of their nappy, so the other staff know that they are toilet training, and also make sure you have spare clothes in your bag.

Please make sure that your child is signed in and out daily as if a fire was to happen we would not realise that your child was here as these are the rolls we follow.Please remember to pack warm clothing and shoes as it gets colder towards the end of the day. In case of an accident please ensure you have brought spare clothing. 

  Exploring science is so much fun! We have been experimenting with different science experiments and watching things change before our eyes. The children love to watch and use their senses to predict what they think will happen, then follow up with what they can see happening. There are posters throughout the room of the experiments we have done recently, so please have a look. The children would love to tell you about what they are doing.

We are still sustainability warriors, caring for our gardens and worms farm. The children in Pre-kindy are learning to recycle their unwanted paper into our recycling bin and learning what can and can't be put in our worm farm.

The weather is getting colder, so please ensure that your child has got a spare jumper and warm set of clothes packed in their bags, just incase we get really involved in our activities or meal times and get wet, or dirty.


Wow what a busy month we have had, under Eights day which was enjoyed by all. Our teddy bears picnic which ended up being inside because of the weather but was still great fun, who doesn't like popcorn. We also had biscuits thank you Jaxson's mum. The children are still enjoying the library every week. We are hoping in the next couple of months to go to an aged care facility to do our music lesson with Mr. Jason.

The kindergarten program is split into five parts these are Communicating, Active learning. Wellbeing, Connectedness and Identity. Each area is split into three phases

  • Emerging- in familiar situations with explicit support
  • Exploring- in familiar situations with occasional support or prompting
  • Extending- in new situations with occasional support or prompting

This month we are looking at identity

A kindergarten child who has a strong sense of identity:

• is building a sense of security and trust (example; appears comfortable in the presence of familiar people, e.g. greets staff and/or other children on arrival and settles quickly into play)

• acts with increasing independence and perseverance (example; with occasional assistance, manages familiar experiences, e.g. locates, selects and manages materials and resources for play)

• is building a confident self-identity.(example; confidently explores the kindergarten environment and engages in a variety of types of play, especially in play areas where they have had lots of experience and know the rules and ways of working)

If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you Miss Andrea and Miss Tracey

  Another busy month has gone by as we hit June, we welcomed Harvey and his family to our centre, celebrated birthdays with Hunter, Emily and Harriet as turning One. We held our first Baby Play Group and with the sharing of ideas, routines and just general Yes me too moments. Looking forward to many more Mondays with this group. Thank you to our families for bringing in your little ones for their first Class photo, it looks fabulous. Check your parent pocket for your single photo and its not to late to order.

Talking and Singing to babies.

Babbling is an important 'pre-linguistic skill" and a key marker for speech. Although I am the single Educator in the room, I am talking all day ! Calling children by name when I am approaching them, talking during a nappy change, singing, when serving their meals describing the smell and exclaiming delight. Repeating words, Ta when passing or receiving a object be it a toy or a biscuit.

  • Baby loves to hear your voice.
  • Make up songs to sing to baby
  • Talk and tell stories
  • Read to baby and look at picture together
  • Play music, Dance !
  • A few reminders

Dress in layers as it does get warm during the day

Dummies to be kept in a safe enclosed container

All Meals and Milks in Nursery are supplied by parent

I will be chatting with every parent over the next week about our changing routines for each child, as they get older their care needs and nutritional intakes increases. Just want to update each child's chart.

Thanks Miss Allison 



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